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WB-Developers' Corner
WB-Developers' Corner
       [rz] Dancing Objects

This lightweight extension scales almost any object accordingly to audio/video elements sound.

Some features:

- Multiple media sources.
- Support for both audio and video sound tracks.
- Multiple target objects with support for different sound frequencies.
- Customizable initial scale and pulse ratios.
- Support for normal and inverted pulse.
- Support for both browser default audio/video elements and [rz] Media Player.
- Extremely lightweight.
- No jQuery required.

...and more!

W3C compliant


* Just a brief about some of the changes that were made lately...

* New in version 1.1

- Upgraded to the new "media play" policies (like Chromium based browsers).

How to use?

1. Drag and drop an audio/video element or a [rz] Media Player instance.
2. Drag and drop an extension instance.
3. Enter the audio/video element/s and the target elements to scale.
4. Optionally, setup the extra parameters for a better customization.
5. Publish.



A modern browser is required.
Not all browsers support a preview of this functionality (in that case you will need to publish your page to see it in action).
w3c compliant
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