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WB-Developers' Corner
WB-Developers' Corner
       [rz] Scroll Down Indicator

This lightweight extension creates a "scroll down indicator" to inform that there is more
content below the initial screen.
As easy as "plug and play", no extra markup to add and check!
Useful for one-page type designs.

Some features:

- Colors, offset values, sizes and transparencies for the text, arrow and lines.
- Specific parameters for different statuses (normal, hover, push).
- Customizable "heartbeat" for the arrow to grab the visitor attention.
- Automatically goes to the next content section when clicking on the indicator;
  anchors (bookmarks/links) not needed.
- Automatically detects [rz] Elegant Scroll to share the same effects with
  (no extra elements/setup needed).
- Optional fade-out on scroll.
- Selectable viewport size to compute the fade-out process.
- Optional custom image supported instead of the default down arrow.
- Transitions for smoother effects.
- More than 20 easing smooth effects.
- Maximum backward, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.
- Lightweight, no dependencies, no jQuery.

...and more!

HTML 4.01 Transitional
W3C compliant


* Just a brief about some of the changes that were made lately...

* New in version 1.1

- Improved support for mobiles that prevents scheme distortions due to the address bar auto-hide.
- Improved handling (size and position) even with 'overflowed contents' on mobiles.
- Minor tweaks and optimizations for both desktop and mobile platforms.

* New in version 1.0.2 (not released but included in version 1.1)

- Scroll cancellation modes to manage events that could produce a distorted result; this allows to automatically cancel the smooth scroll effect producing both accurate and elegant results.

* New in version 1.0.1

- Timed auto-scroll.
- Minor code optimizations.

How to use?

1. Design your one-page site as you usually do.
2. Drag and drop an extension instance.
3. Optionally, setup the colors, transparencies, icons, text, effects, etc...
4. Preview or publish.

w3c compliant
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