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WB-Developers' Corner
WB-Developers' Corner
       [rz] Tab Menu with Layers (Tabbed Layers)

This lightweight extension allows you to manage layers with the standard Tab Menu object (also compatible with: Navigation Bar, Slide Menu, CSS Menu and Text Menu).
Of course, you can do the "same" with the jQuery Tabs or with the same standard Tab Menu objects.

jQuery Tabs: You can't have different themes. Unless you put each one in individual subpages and embed them in an InlineFrame...
Tab Menu: You can't manage layers, only pages. You can simulate this using embedded subpages in InlineFrames...

Now, you:
can have the light and powerful Tab Menu object managing layers instead of pages,
don't need subpages - and implement tricks to prevent to be opened as standalone ones,
can have as many Tab Menus as you need in the same page and with different schemes!

Sample project file included.

HTML 4.01 Transitional
W3C compliant


* New in version

  Optimized code for wb9+
  New format for advanced functions added in v1.0.2 (replaced the underscore with dot).
  Improved code for objects detection (manual selection not needed anymore).
  Deprecated properties were removed.

  functions added in v1.0.2 (new format): (tabnumber);

    programmatically open a specific tab (layer), i.e. by an event
    replace myObjectID with the actual object id


    programmatically close all the opened tabs (layers), i.e. by an event
    replace myObjectID with the actual object id
* New in version

  Fixed a minor issue with Slide Menu object, the layer id doesn't need to have a # anymore.
  Slide Menu support for wb7 and later.
  Functions added to programmatically open and close layers (
further info was updated and
  removed from this section as it is obsolete

* New in version v1.0.1.0:

  Also works with: Navigation Bar (+), Slide Menu, CSS Menu and Text Menu.

  (+) Box on focus and hover style on current page are not supported for this object.

How to use?

Design each layer as you usually do.
Drag and drop a Tab Menu object.
Open the Tab Menu properties dialog.
For each item, add its layer id. Yes, instead of link to another page, simply type in the layer id!

  - link to -> website
  - Page -> MyFirstLayer / MySecondLayer / etc

Drag and drop this extension and enter the Tab Menu object id.
That's all.

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w3c compliant
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