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WB-Developers' Corner
WB-Developers' Corner
       [rz] Typewriter

This extension converts a text object to a "typewriter" display mode.
It is highly customizable and allows not just plain text but styled with different fonts, styles, sizes and colors.

HTML 4.01 Transitional
W3C compliant


* Just a brief about some of the changes that were made lately...

* New in version 1.2

- "Backspace" effect with selectable pauses to simulate typos fixing while writing text; useful for better presentations and
   more realistic visuals.
- Loop mode with selectable pause.

* New in version 1.1

- Extra random delay based on characters sequence and time range.
- The core has been moved to an external file for a faster navigation between pages.
- Minor code tweaks.

How to use?

1. Drag and drop a text object.
2. Type in the contents.
3. Style it as you want.
4. Drag and drop this extension.
5. Open its properties dialog.
6. Enter the object id, this means the text object you want to convert.
7. Optionally, changes the settings as you want or leave them as by default.
8. Preview or publish.


Advanced use:

You can dynamically change the contents of the text object and refresh it.

MyExtensionId.refresh('your new html-based content goes here...');

Just replace 'MyExtensionId' with the actual extension id as in the object manager panel.
w3c compliant
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